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Welcome! Here you are!!

Welcome into my virtual yoga studio, healing chamber, and living room.

I'll show you around... In the Connection part of the website, you'll find the services I'm offering at the moment... In the Creativity corner, you can attend a workshop or an event! And under the tab Curiosity, where you are now, you can read a bit of my journaling.

Do you want a tea? Coffee? Or a hot chocolate? It's with cacao and hazelnut cream...

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. I want you to be as relaxed and homy as possible. You do not need any masks, play any roles or try to please in any way. Make that conscious choice now. Come into this space in your sacred, beautiful, messy, imperfect humanly you.

I've been waiting for you!

How so you may ask? Well, as life has often showed me - if you are reading this than you are here for a reason. So am I.

When we meet with this in mind, don't we just feel more intimacy, a closer connection? It's like we experience purpose and meaning in all everyday meetings and activities.

Connection, creativity and curiosity are the lead words of my work because they create meaning in my life.

CONNECTION is the strong Libra part of me (I have 5 planets in Libra!). It's in the connection to, or relationship with, we learn and grow the most. It does not only have to be with human beings, also with animals and plants. All forms can have connection.

My services are built on connection. When contacting me, the connection happens spontaneously of course. But when it's also made consciously, with presence, - magic happens!

As I consciously connect to someone, even at a distance, I get messages through sensing, feeling and sometimes in images or words. At times, I simply know things. It's exciting how all these messages comes, even as a songs playing in my mind.

Intuition is the a key in my life and in what I offer. It is the language of the soul and the name I use for the "messaging" (you can call it gut feeling, spirit, guides, source, angels...).

CREATIVITY is how my mind works, my thought patterns do not work in straight lines. I'd like to think of them as creative. :) I have sooo many ideas popping into my head that most times, I need to set boundaries! I cannot do it all, especially now that I'm a mother of three young children (5, 3, and 2 years old)! The idea-popping has had to be filtered through time-management... I'm not very fond of that but it has been necessary. Organisation, structure and prioritisation are things I've had to learn. Creativity actually needs structure and discipline to be born into form. And through form, we can create connection. Love how that came around.

When working with intuition and creativity, it feels as though they come from the same place. They are braided together into all my offerings.

CURIOSITY is what drives me. It's my fuel and one of the main things that makes me wake up in the morning. What can possibly happen today? What can I create today? What can be created?... I'm a really curious person! On this more personal, living room part of my website, I share my thoughts, poems, channelled messages, my struggles and my bliss with you. Little pieces of my journal.

If you wish to stay in contact on a regular basis, I send out monthly newsletters around the new moon every month. You can sign up to it here...

Wishing you a magical day, evening or night!


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