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I will not carry you on my back...

I will not carry you on my back. I will not help you by doing it for you.

I want to though. Ever since I was really young, I wanted to help people. I wanted people to feel good, to feel heard and seen. I've strived for harmony and peace all my life, around me and in the later years within me. Isn't that very Libra of me ;) (I have 5 planets in Libra).

I see the savior archetype/complex, the helper, the pleaser... the constant scanning of the surrounding to see how I can be of service or how to please, or how to "calibrate" everyone or the environment into, well, harmony is the best word.

Now, this is how my nervous system is wired. It's how it automatically functions.

You might see the challenge here?

Life is not supposed to be a harmonious cup of tea, not all the time. We need confrontation, anger, disappointment, failure, grief as well as exhilarating joy, laughter and unconditional love to learn. The ups and downs are to be embraced and given space to.

Luckily, my cup of tea has been broken many times. I've been far from harmony and peace, essentially I've been far from myself. And that's the most important point.

When aiming at harmony outside of ourselves, we dont count ourselves into the picture. We feel alive through others, through the connection that is created with friends and family.

But who are WE? What do WE need? What do WE desire, wish and hope for?

The inner harmony can only come as you listen to your own needs and dreams. You listen, breathe, speak from the centre of your being and integrate all the parts of yourself that you've pushed away.

Now there you are! Whole and imperfect. Sacred and messy.

Integration gives birth to integrity. And integrity is harmony in the body. When in integrity, you are attuned to your inner landscapes, aligned with your heart and values, compassionate with your human imperfect self.

When you stand in alignment, attuned to your inner landscape, the outside world will align to you!!! No need to do anything, just be in the body.


The nervous system needs some time to recalibrate itself to this new way of functioning. Be patient.

We are home.




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