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About me

Janna Frida Maria

Janna is certified RYT 250 h (in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga), and certified RMT of Usui Reiki. She has also taken training courses such as Heart Mentoring and Earth based leadership. Initially graduated with a Master in Public Administration, she worked for a long time with administration, communication and promoting Scientific Research.

As a certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Facilitator, Mother, Intuitive Astrologer, and beautifully imperfect human being, my intention is to see the whole of you, in all the layers of our consciousness. From this perspective, I hold space (both physically and energetically) for you to explore and feel your untamed inner nature. ​


"Intuition is my primary guide, my rationality is an adviser. Both are important. However, if I wouldn't firstly listen to my Intuition, I would not be happy, not long term. Intuition is the voice of our inner nature. Let us attentively listen to its whispers within our hearts." - Janna ​

I would like for as many people as possible to connect with their intuition in order to live more authentically, which yields a sense of peace and profound happiness.

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