The Master Cleanse

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We’ve all read about cleanses and fasts…
why would anyone be so crazy to not eat?

I definitely understand, as that is not something American culture teaches as being normal. Some do it for religious reasons, but that’s not always easily understood either. We are often taught to undermine things that we don’t understand when we are growing up as well.

So why did Adam and I not eat for 14 days and drink nothing but homemade lemonade?

Here’s a few reasons:

  • To hit the reset button on our health. Over the years of unhealthy eating and bad habits, our bodies accumulate toxins and crap we do not need. A lot of this is stored in our fat, and the rest in various places throughout our bodies. When you flush it all out, your body gets to start new again.
  • To give our bodies a break. Biologically, our bodies are not supposed to have food in them all the time. It normally digests energy via glycolysis, but the body also has a “self-cleaning oven” mode called ketosis. If we never give our digestive systems a chance to do that, they become overworked and don’t function as well, and then they hardly ever burn fat.
  • WEIGHT LOSS. Let me tell you, this one was my favorite. Want to lose 10-20 pounds in two weeks with your only exercise being squeezing lemons? Yeah, sign me up.
  • You FEEL better!! Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in my life. I feel rejuvenated, joyful, and energized to the fullest extent.

freedomAll of the information about it is available at:
All the medical benefits, processes, and details are in the book (also on the site), and can guide you through exactly what you need to prepare to do this cleanse.

If you’re interested in doing your own fast/cleanse, I would strongly recommend this cleanse because it actually gives you energy throughout it and has medicinal benefits, but I’d strongly recommend kicking your old habits first.

If you smoke, what good is it to cleanse your body when you’re still putting all those toxins in it? If you drink a lot of caffeine, how is your body going to disconnect from it? It is true for any other chemical that affects you. Kick the habits first, and then your body will be able to completely clean itself.

You can go back to how you ate before when your done, but I’d also highly recommend eating healthy, organic, and mostly raw foods when you’re done. If it didn’t come from the ground or a tree, I’d skip it. Your body will thank you.

So, what do you do?

It is a 10 to 40 day cleanse. Adam and I did fourteen days because of the alignment with the new moon and full moon, which aids with your intentions coming into fruition. This cleanse involves organic lemons, organic pure maple syrup, organic cayenne pepper, and filtered water. No gimmicks, no big expensive “21-day cleanse” scam, just those four ingredients for however long you decide at the beginning.

The only catch is that you have to squeeze or juice the lemons yourself. We bought a basic glass hand juicer at a thrift store that worked perfectly.


  • you use a half lemon per 10oz of container.
  • heat up desired amount of water to almost boiling
  • squeeze the lemon juice into a container
  • then match the amount of lemon juice with maple syrup
  • add a dash of cayenne pepper, or a little more if you can handle it
  • add the water to the container
  • ta-da, you have your food. I like drinking it through a straw.

There are all sorts of guidelines, like you have to ease into and ease out of it to help your body adjust, but how long your easing periods are and what foods you have during them is basically up to your body. If you’re not familiar with asking your body what it wants to determine your food choices, then I would follow the guidelines strictly. For Adam and I, we loosely followed the guidelines based on that we had already been eating well and what our bodies wanted, that Adam had done the cleanse before, and because we’d been exercising regularly.

It’s important to stick to the amount of days you plan to do it because intention is the most powerful part of it. Whatever you do, don’t give up and try to start eating in the middle of it. If you intend to be completely cleaned out in fourteen days, that is what your body will do and it will be digestive chaos if you change your mind part way through. This is why it’s important to follow the easing in and out of it guidelines provided at the master cleanse website.

I’ve read accounts of people who weren’t successful at this cleanse and got sick, and they all seemed to have in common that they were skeptical, and/or had poor diets originally, and/or lived in a place of fear and stress throughout their cleanses. This is a CLEANSE, a rejuvenating, relaxing sort of process. If you push yourself or have doubts/fears, your results may not be as awesome as you’d like.

People may call you crazy or think they could never do this, but remember, they aren’t you and they have no say. How you wish to treat your body is your choice alone, and you can feel and look absolutely amazing if you choose to!

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