Where’s Your Life At? That’s Perfect.

We all have a million things on our plate, let’s be real. There is a lot being expected of us all the time: from work, to family, to our own expectations of who we should be, and a moment of relaxation is rare. Let’s reframe this, because perspectives lacking optimism aren’t helpful to anyone.

While we have a lot going on, there are a few things to look at. The very first:

where you are in your life is where you’re supposed to be.

If you were supposed to be further along, you would be. If you were supposed to be farther behind, you would be. And besides, what ifs of the past and maybes of the future aren’t happening right now, so let’s skip them and just focus on what’s going on right now. This is the only moment we are currently experiencing, so let’s accept it and be content.


In America especially, we are expected to do way more than we can handle pretty much from birth. There isn’t a path I found growing up that didn’t have monumental challenges. Because of this, there is usually quite a bit of pressure on us to be a certain way, to act in a particular role, to participate in specific things, and to assimilate to our surroundings in a clone-like fashion. Even being “unique and rebellious” is has its own expectations and judgements from society, and you’re participating in those even if that’s not really you and you’re just dressing the part.

So where you are at is just fine. Even if where you are now isn’t where you ideally picture yourself, that’s okay. This whole culture doesn’t actually make a lot of sense, so don’t worry about your what ifs and maybes.

The first step for progress in anything in life is accepting where you are and being truly content with it.

Second thing to look at: There are many labels we call ourselves. I’m a college student, you’re a dad, he’s an IT guy, she’s a barista, etc. These aren’t bad, but there are specific profiles we imagine in our minds upon thinking of each of these…we more often than not see people as labels, not for who they really are. Now let’s bring the focus back to you.

Your judgments and labels of yourself are just getting in your way.

Yes, society and family has had a big hand in how we view ourselves, but labeling ourselves is very limiting, so let’s drop that too. Each of us ultimately gets to decide who we really are.

For me, I’ve concluded I am just love. I am Alyssa, and I am love. It works well because there are no judgements to be had, just love to exist around me all the time. It was a challenge to peel all my layers back far enough and to accept life where it is all the time to live in love, but I’ve never been happier and more excited to be alive. Now the labels and roles I play are fun and are out of choice, and they don’t define me. Also, they don’t exist because someone told me I should be a certain way. I’m just living from where my heart guides me.

Where I’m at in life is perfect, and who I am is perfect. The same goes for you. Discover your(real)self.

The Master Cleanse

Lemon slices background

We’ve all read about cleanses and fasts…
why would anyone be so crazy to not eat?

I definitely understand, as that is not something American culture teaches as being normal. Some do it for religious reasons, but that’s not always easily understood either. We are often taught to undermine things that we don’t understand when we are growing up as well.

So why did Adam and I not eat for 14 days and drink nothing but homemade lemonade?

Here’s a few reasons:

  • To hit the reset button on our health. Over the years of unhealthy eating and bad habits, our bodies accumulate toxins and crap we do not need. A lot of this is stored in our fat, and the rest in various places throughout our bodies. When you flush it all out, your body gets to start new again.
  • To give our bodies a break. Biologically, our bodies are not supposed to have food in them all the time. It normally digests energy via glycolysis, but the body also has a “self-cleaning oven” mode called ketosis. If we never give our digestive systems a chance to do that, they become overworked and don’t function as well, and then they hardly ever burn fat.
  • WEIGHT LOSS. Let me tell you, this one was my favorite. Want to lose 10-20 pounds in two weeks with your only exercise being squeezing lemons? Yeah, sign me up.
  • You FEEL better!! Seriously, I haven’t felt this good in my life. I feel rejuvenated, joyful, and energized to the fullest extent.

freedomAll of the information about it is available at: TheMasterCleanse.org
All the medical benefits, processes, and details are in the book (also on the site), and can guide you through exactly what you need to prepare to do this cleanse.

If you’re interested in doing your own fast/cleanse, I would strongly recommend this cleanse because it actually gives you energy throughout it and has medicinal benefits, but I’d strongly recommend kicking your old habits first.

If you smoke, what good is it to cleanse your body when you’re still putting all those toxins in it? If you drink a lot of caffeine, how is your body going to disconnect from it? It is true for any other chemical that affects you. Kick the habits first, and then your body will be able to completely clean itself.

You can go back to how you ate before when your done, but I’d also highly recommend eating healthy, organic, and mostly raw foods when you’re done. If it didn’t come from the ground or a tree, I’d skip it. Your body will thank you.

So, what do you do?

It is a 10 to 40 day cleanse. Adam and I did fourteen days because of the alignment with the new moon and full moon, which aids with your intentions coming into fruition. This cleanse involves organic lemons, organic pure maple syrup, organic cayenne pepper, and filtered water. No gimmicks, no big expensive “21-day cleanse” scam, just those four ingredients for however long you decide at the beginning.

The only catch is that you have to squeeze or juice the lemons yourself. We bought a basic glass hand juicer at a thrift store that worked perfectly.


  • you use a half lemon per 10oz of container.
  • heat up desired amount of water to almost boiling
  • squeeze the lemon juice into a container
  • then match the amount of lemon juice with maple syrup
  • add a dash of cayenne pepper, or a little more if you can handle it
  • add the water to the container
  • ta-da, you have your food. I like drinking it through a straw.

There are all sorts of guidelines, like you have to ease into and ease out of it to help your body adjust, but how long your easing periods are and what foods you have during them is basically up to your body. If you’re not familiar with asking your body what it wants to determine your food choices, then I would follow the guidelines strictly. For Adam and I, we loosely followed the guidelines based on that we had already been eating well and what our bodies wanted, that Adam had done the cleanse before, and because we’d been exercising regularly.

It’s important to stick to the amount of days you plan to do it because intention is the most powerful part of it. Whatever you do, don’t give up and try to start eating in the middle of it. If you intend to be completely cleaned out in fourteen days, that is what your body will do and it will be digestive chaos if you change your mind part way through. This is why it’s important to follow the easing in and out of it guidelines provided at the master cleanse website.

I’ve read accounts of people who weren’t successful at this cleanse and got sick, and they all seemed to have in common that they were skeptical, and/or had poor diets originally, and/or lived in a place of fear and stress throughout their cleanses. This is a CLEANSE, a rejuvenating, relaxing sort of process. If you push yourself or have doubts/fears, your results may not be as awesome as you’d like.

People may call you crazy or think they could never do this, but remember, they aren’t you and they have no say. How you wish to treat your body is your choice alone, and you can feel and look absolutely amazing if you choose to!

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Let’s Talk About Sugar.

We’ve all heard it before…”Sugar is bad for you. It makes you overweight and unhealthy.”

The thing is, do we really understand the gravity of that statement?

First off, PROCESSED/harvested cane sugar is what’s depleting your energy and making you overweight. The sugar that grows naturally in foods like fruits and that occurs in pure maple syrup is awesome for you because it doesn’t take very much insulin to process it, and they’re loaded with nutrition (yep, maple syrup is loaded with nutrition!). Everything in moderation of course. Maple syrup is the only substance I recommend for sweetening anything. Here’s why.

sugar_largeWhen processed sugar, or even raw cane sugar (with it’s lack of nutrition), hits your stomach and bloodstream, your pancreas has to compensate, and it does so by producing insulin. The insulin is like a delivery guy who brings the excess sugar in the bloodstream to cells that need energy. When your cells don’t actually need energy, the sugar then turns into fat to maintain your body’s balance. But how does your system get it out of the bloodstream to turn it into fat? With cortisol and adrenaline, which are only supposed to be used for stress reactions. So your heart races a bit, you feel the slight rush from them being released, and then you crash. Your body then has lower blood sugar and craves to be at a high point again, which causes you to repeat the process and constantly be hungrier for more sugar.

With all the processes your body just went through, especially releasing the cortisol and adrenaline, your immune system is terribly weakened for a minimum of a few hours, if not the next 24. That means any illness you come in contact with is far more likely to become your next illness.

A while of this sugar eating and you’ve become slower, less capable, bigger, and an unhappier you.

So what happens when you eliminate processed sugar? The effects begin within a few weeks in my experience. After two-three weeks, you don’t miss a thing. Yes, it might be hard at first to figure out what is edible and what is processed sugar poison, but it becomes simple.

You become more energized and much stronger. Now that your immune system isn’t having to fight sugar battles, it can take care of you like it’s supposed to! Your body can now use foods that actually have good nutrition and energy, and you begin to need less food and will most likely start losing some weight. I certainly did! I actually started my detoxing process with a cleanse called “The Master Cleanse” and had remarkable results instantly. Read more here.


There is actually a story circulating around about a family that eliminated processed sugar from their diets for a year, and will never go back based on their experiences. Check it out here, or look it up yourself.

If we wish to have any positive impact on the world, we must begin with ourselves. Then and only then can we come together and make the world anew. Namasté.

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Falling in Love with Virtue

inspiring wave
Definition of virtue via Dictionary.com: moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.
What does that mean for humans these days? Well, let’s start by setting aside all cultural norms, religions, and judgments because otherwise what is ‘moral’ becomes way too complicated.

So what is being virtuous after all that?

Living the best life possible.

Even if it takes some effort.

But really, why would you want to put effort into living the best life possible?

Laziness feels good temporarily, and it’s easier to achieve… but living your best life leads to your main goal, which is


YOU WANT THIS, remember.
We all want that, and we dimly realize that virtue leads there… but you must realize virtue is the MOST POWERFUL path to happiness. Laziness is not.

So, if you FALL IN LOVE with virtue, you’ve found the way to remove any struggles from taking virtuous actions… the path to happiness becomes colorful and happy when you decide to love it, on purpose.

the-purpose-of-life It saves you from the battle with yourself, to do things you ‘should’ do even though you ‘don’t want to’ do them. Bypass that garbage, and turn it into an ALLIANCE WITH YOURSELF to take these actions!! They lead to happiness, so decide to like them and you’ve WON THE GAME.

So when you get psyched about the idea of a virtuous happy life, you are fully motivated. Now you can just enjoy the process of being virtuous!

What might the process of being virtuous include?

To me, this means many things, but heath is still the main agenda.

organic The top of this list for me right now is treating my body how it wants to be treated. That means all food that goes in it is organic, healthy, and blessed with love before entering my stomach, and that means not eating things like sugar unless it’s organic fruit.

That means drinking lots of water. 20oz three times a day throughout the day in my reusable water bottle works well for me.

That means exercising at least every other day so my body knows it’s healthy and capable all the time.


That means setting time aside for stretching…you want a pain free body? Stretching all of your muscles at least as much as you exercise is the answer. A little upon rising and before going to bed really helps. And you do not have to be wearing athletic clothes or have to work out to strech, as the internet and society might suggest. In fact, you’re body definitely wants it more than just when you exercise.

That means facing and taking emotions head on that arise within me so I can release them and let them go.


That means meditating for at least ten minutes a day, right after waking or just before sleeping, to rewrite my brain.

That means living in an environment that is conducive for happiness and working a job that is too.

That means working a little bit on my goals, planning and executing them, every day. Even if it’s just an idea I get onto paper.

feature-take-a-break-300x199 That means TAKING A BREAK every once and a while. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, set time aside to relax. Meditate. Sleep. Anything that helps you not worry, and then approach whatever you need to again with a clear head.

That means shutting off the TV, and really just getting rid of it. All you’re doing when watching TV is tuning into a frequency created by someone else, and how does that help your brain relax, unwind, or let go? It doesn’t. Crossing TV off your list gives you more time to do what you actually want to do and lets you be in charge of your own frequencies.

That means not inducing any substance that my body doesn’t like or that changes me for the worse, including alcohol. I enjoy being the most capable, loving, receptive, and giving me possible and these substances take down your auric field, leaving you without proper judgment and sometimes leaving you open and vulnerable for other energies to twist and manipulate you (especially other humans). For these reasons, I just exclude alcohol from the picture.

R1-23A That means playing outside! Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to unwind and connect. The Earth is your home; actually spend time with it when you can.

That means sharing energy with those who are good for your energy. The five people you spend the most time with is who you start to become…this is important, especially if you’re dating one of these people. Best rule of thumb? Don’t date someone you wouldn’t want to be because you’re sharing all of your energy with them, and them with you, good and bad. If they’ve got stuff they can’t deal with, that means you’re stuck with them in it. Being the best you doesn’t mean dealing with someone else’s problems in your energy all the time; that’s exhausting and unhealthy.

Falling in love with virtue is all about you and how you feel, not about how someone else tells you to live your life. In our culture, we’re told how to live, what we should be doing with our lives, what we should spend money on, what kinds of things we should be doing with our spare time, how we should dress and look, what latest products we should have, and we conform to many standards that we don’t have any say in. It doesn’t have to be like that, ever.

We are sovereign beings, and we get to decide what’s best for us regardless of what anyone else thinks.
There are probably infinite ways to be virtuous and things that can be added to this list, but these are what hold true for me and Adam, and I hope they bring forth some good ideas for you.

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Get What You Give

toroidal field rainbow

In life, what we give to the world is what comes back to us.


Science has proven this to be true through the energy that our bodies and everything in the universe creates called toroidal fields. (Click here to learn more about the science: toroidal fields)


Let’s look at that idea a little closer. If you project the energy that you create into the universe and it comes back to you, how is that energy affecting you?

Everything is energy in some form, so emotions and ideas that flow through you are no exception to the energy you’re projecting through your toroidal field.


If you’re putting out hate, fear, negative ideas, and especially the idea that we live in a world of scarcity, those are exactly what are going to come back to you. You think the world is against you and getting by day to day is a struggle? Then it will be, and any other negative energy you’re projecting will become real too.

On the flip side, if you’re projecting love, gratitude, joy, and the idea of everything being abundant in your life into the universe, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. Simple as that. We’ve let our minds complicate the simplicity of being happy with what we have and where we’re at in life, not realizing that when we feel happy about everything, we’re just going to keep getting more of what brings us happiness!let's celebrate purp


Spirit Science

Life by Your Design

the-purpose-of-life Have you ever sat back and looked at your life and thought, what am I doing here?

It may not always be that intense of a question, but even simply, what should I do for work? or what should I do with my life? suffices.

This is a question that each of us is beginning to ask, or have fully stepped into.

Why might one ask this question? Well, it feels right to ask. Life feels empty when we aren’t on a quest to figure out what fills us up.

In life, we are constantly being bombarded with what everyone else is telling us is right for us. Your parents think one thing, your grandparents another, your friends have their opinions, and the list goes on.

It’s not always the easiest thing to do, but the first thing to help you past that is to listen to your own inner voice more clearly than anyone else’s. They aren’t you, so how could they know down to your core what is best for you?

Realize that doing what’s best for you is far more important than others opinions.
You’re not actually hurting anyone’s feelings by making your own decisions; if anyone is that attached to your life decision making process then maybe it’s time they sit back and look at their own life. Those who truly love you unconditionally won’t place conditions on you to make you or your life a certain way to please them.

Once you’re past the limits everyone’s been placing on you, you can really begin to analyze yourself in a constructive way. What makes you truly happy? What would you be doing on a regular basis if you had all the time and resources you needed? Think about this deeply. At first you might approach it with “I’d go on vacation,” or “I’d tour the world.” Sometimes it takes a while to listen that deeply, because these first responses are answers to what you want right now, not always what would satisfy you the rest of your life.


You can give yourself time to answer, but sometimes we just over analyze things. I contemplated this question myself for many months, only to conclude what I already knew: I want to help the world be better with music. It’s possible that what you want to do doesn’t exist yet in mainstream society. What I wanted to do, which is called sound healing, was not traditional in western culture, and I didn’t even know what it was when I decided upon it, but it is a big part of my calling. Don’t put any limits on yourself: you came here for a reason and it’s time to figure out why and what you’re going to do about it.

It doesn’t have to be super serious.

Just find what makes you the happiest and do it!

“But how will I make money then?” seems like a serious question because it’s your livelihood we’re taking about, but it’s only serious if that’s what you focus on. It’s just a balance of the two…the work you’re currently doing mixed with the work you want to be doing. There can be a transition period where you’re doing both; you don’t have to drop your security. It might actually be more beneficial to have some extra financial cushion when you begin doing what you love to do all the time. If you are doing what you love and have faith in it and yourself, you will never lose.

By being truly happy, you’re giving back to the world more than you could possibly know.

By doing what you love, you’re giving back to yourself in the best way imaginable.

So figure out what makes you the best you, and remember:


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How to Conquer Everything on Your To-Do List


Why do I have so much to do today, and when will it ever end??

This is the story of most people’s lives in recent times.

To deal with this, there are a couple things one must sort through first.

First and foremost, how much of this to-accomplish list is actually important to you? Whether it is homework or studying, cleaning the house, walking the dog, or inventing the next big thing in your company, take note of what actually has to be done today. You’d be surprised at how much of it is a ‘want to be done’ verses a ‘need to be done.’


The next thing you can do is see what you actually have to do, make a mental or physical list, and then go through in your head or out loud why these things are important for you to accomplish. What, in a positive regard, are these things going to help you with in life? If we chose to go through the tasks in a negative, fearful, “if I don’t do this then…” mindset, we will be miserable through the whole experience.

When choosing a positive reason, it can be a short term or a long term reason depending on the task. If finishing the homework is important, note that the reason is because it’s helping you understand the material better so you may succeed in the class. You could even add that it’s important because doing well in the class means doing well in school which can result in better odds of you getting your dream career. If walking the dog is important on the to-do list, it could be important to you because you want to improve the dog’s health and well-being, and/or that you want to improve your own health and well-being.

There is always a positive, motivating reason why we need to accomplish things; the key is to remember what the reasons are and then go through the task in that mindset.

I promise that when you approach things with a positive reason and mindset, you will be able to conquer everything you chose to everyday. This means you’ll have more time to enjoy everything in your life! Hanging with family and friends and doing hobbies you love can now be every day pleasures.

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