Let’s Talk About Sugar.

We’ve all heard it before…”Sugar is bad for you. It makes you overweight and unhealthy.”

The thing is, do we really understand the gravity of that statement?

First off, PROCESSED/harvested cane sugar is what’s depleting your energy and making you overweight. The sugar that grows naturally in foods like fruits and that occurs in pure maple syrup is awesome for you because it doesn’t take very much insulin to process it, and they’re loaded with nutrition (yep, maple syrup is loaded with nutrition!). Everything in moderation of course. Maple syrup is the only substance I recommend for sweetening anything. Here’s why.

sugar_largeWhen processed sugar, or even raw cane sugar (with it’s lack of nutrition), hits your stomach and bloodstream, your pancreas has to compensate, and it does so by producing insulin. The insulin is like a delivery guy who brings the excess sugar in the bloodstream to cells that need energy. When your cells don’t actually need energy, the sugar then turns into fat to maintain your body’s balance. But how does your system get it out of the bloodstream to turn it into fat? With cortisol and adrenaline, which are only supposed to be used for stress reactions. So your heart races a bit, you feel the slight rush from them being released, and then you crash. Your body then has lower blood sugar and craves to be at a high point again, which causes you to repeat the process and constantly be hungrier for more sugar.

With all the processes your body just went through, especially releasing the cortisol and adrenaline, your immune system is terribly weakened for a minimum of a few hours, if not the next 24. That means any illness you come in contact with is far more likely to become your next illness.

A while of this sugar eating and you’ve become slower, less capable, bigger, and an unhappier you.

So what happens when you eliminate processed sugar? The effects begin within a few weeks in my experience. After two-three weeks, you don’t miss a thing. Yes, it might be hard at first to figure out what is edible and what is processed sugar poison, but it becomes simple.

You become more energized and much stronger. Now that your immune system isn’t having to fight sugar battles, it can take care of you like it’s supposed to! Your body can now use foods that actually have good nutrition and energy, and you begin to need less food and will most likely start losing some weight. I certainly did! I actually started my detoxing process with a cleanse called “The Master Cleanse” and had remarkable results instantly. Read more here.


There is actually a story circulating around about a family that eliminated processed sugar from their diets for a year, and will never go back based on their experiences. Check it out here, or look it up yourself.

If we wish to have any positive impact on the world, we must begin with ourselves. Then and only then can we come together and make the world anew. Namasté.

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