Falling in Love with Virtue

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Definition of virtue via Dictionary.com: moral excellence; goodness; righteousness.
What does that mean for humans these days? Well, let’s start by setting aside all cultural norms, religions, and judgments because otherwise what is ‘moral’ becomes way too complicated.

So what is being virtuous after all that?

Living the best life possible.

Even if it takes some effort.

But really, why would you want to put effort into living the best life possible?

Laziness feels good temporarily, and it’s easier to achieve… but living your best life leads to your main goal, which is


YOU WANT THIS, remember.
We all want that, and we dimly realize that virtue leads there… but you must realize virtue is the MOST POWERFUL path to happiness. Laziness is not.

So, if you FALL IN LOVE with virtue, you’ve found the way to remove any struggles from taking virtuous actions… the path to happiness becomes colorful and happy when you decide to love it, on purpose.

the-purpose-of-life It saves you from the battle with yourself, to do things you ‘should’ do even though you ‘don’t want to’ do them. Bypass that garbage, and turn it into an ALLIANCE WITH YOURSELF to take these actions!! They lead to happiness, so decide to like them and you’ve WON THE GAME.

So when you get psyched about the idea of a virtuous happy life, you are fully motivated. Now you can just enjoy the process of being virtuous!

What might the process of being virtuous include?

To me, this means many things, but heath is still the main agenda.

organic The top of this list for me right now is treating my body how it wants to be treated. That means all food that goes in it is organic, healthy, and blessed with love before entering my stomach, and that means not eating things like sugar unless it’s organic fruit.

That means drinking lots of water. 20oz three times a day throughout the day in my reusable water bottle works well for me.

That means exercising at least every other day so my body knows it’s healthy and capable all the time.


That means setting time aside for stretching…you want a pain free body? Stretching all of your muscles at least as much as you exercise is the answer. A little upon rising and before going to bed really helps. And you do not have to be wearing athletic clothes or have to work out to strech, as the internet and society might suggest. In fact, you’re body definitely wants it more than just when you exercise.

That means facing and taking emotions head on that arise within me so I can release them and let them go.


That means meditating for at least ten minutes a day, right after waking or just before sleeping, to rewrite my brain.

That means living in an environment that is conducive for happiness and working a job that is too.

That means working a little bit on my goals, planning and executing them, every day. Even if it’s just an idea I get onto paper.

feature-take-a-break-300x199 That means TAKING A BREAK every once and a while. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, set time aside to relax. Meditate. Sleep. Anything that helps you not worry, and then approach whatever you need to again with a clear head.

That means shutting off the TV, and really just getting rid of it. All you’re doing when watching TV is tuning into a frequency created by someone else, and how does that help your brain relax, unwind, or let go? It doesn’t. Crossing TV off your list gives you more time to do what you actually want to do and lets you be in charge of your own frequencies.

That means not inducing any substance that my body doesn’t like or that changes me for the worse, including alcohol. I enjoy being the most capable, loving, receptive, and giving me possible and these substances take down your auric field, leaving you without proper judgment and sometimes leaving you open and vulnerable for other energies to twist and manipulate you (especially other humans). For these reasons, I just exclude alcohol from the picture.

R1-23A That means playing outside! Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to unwind and connect. The Earth is your home; actually spend time with it when you can.

That means sharing energy with those who are good for your energy. The five people you spend the most time with is who you start to become…this is important, especially if you’re dating one of these people. Best rule of thumb? Don’t date someone you wouldn’t want to be because you’re sharing all of your energy with them, and them with you, good and bad. If they’ve got stuff they can’t deal with, that means you’re stuck with them in it. Being the best you doesn’t mean dealing with someone else’s problems in your energy all the time; that’s exhausting and unhealthy.

Falling in love with virtue is all about you and how you feel, not about how someone else tells you to live your life. In our culture, we’re told how to live, what we should be doing with our lives, what we should spend money on, what kinds of things we should be doing with our spare time, how we should dress and look, what latest products we should have, and we conform to many standards that we don’t have any say in. It doesn’t have to be like that, ever.

We are sovereign beings, and we get to decide what’s best for us regardless of what anyone else thinks.
There are probably infinite ways to be virtuous and things that can be added to this list, but these are what hold true for me and Adam, and I hope they bring forth some good ideas for you.

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